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Mini EXPRESS Facial

35m / $70

For all skin types. Great for "on the go"! Includes a deep cleanse, enzyme masque and moisturizer / spf. No extractions

Gentleman's Facial 

50m / $85

Designed specifically for men, this therapeutic facial refines pores, improves skin tone, and soothes razor burns. Treatments includes, a double cleanse, refinement masque, a relaxing facial and shoulder massage, moisturizer / spa

Acne Facial                                                                                                                     

50m / $75

For blemished skin, this purifying treatment includes a deep cleanse, steam, enzyme masque, extractions, high frequency with a refinement masque and moisturizer /  spf

Signature Facial  *popular and favorite!                                                                                           

50m / $85

We will analyse your skin and will make the appropriate protocal for your treatment. Includes skin analysis, deep cleanse, enzyme masque, hand, neck & shoulder massage, nourishing masque and moisturizer / spf

Revitalize Facial 

75m / $210                                                                                

The ultimate treatment for a queen or king! This facial will leave your with amazing results. This includes everything is the customized facial, along with Microdermabrasion OR Microcurrent therapy.

See photo 

Cancellation Policy
Please keep in mind that a $50 cancellation fee if cancellations are made 24hr or less. If you're more than 10 minutes late, I may NOT be able to service you and the cancellation fee will apply

ReZENerate NANO facial

Why haven't you heard of ReZENerate?

I decided to take a pain-free cosmetic alternative to the harsh treatments/procedures that are on the market.

The ReZENerate is a results driven Nano-facial for both Anti-aging and Acne skin.

  • it is ultra-safe, has no cross contamination (ReZENerate Chips are single use only)

  • amazing absorption rates for nutrient delivery to the skin

  • inexpensive alternative for clients with similar results to costly treatments/procedures

  • little downtime-typically apply make up in minutes after the facial

ReZENerate Anti-aging Facial - 60mins / $145 *series of 4 to 6 to achieve results

ReZENerate Acneic Facial - 50mins / $130


"I truly found my holy grail! 1st time I was blown away! The results are AMAZING!!!!



"Where have I been? This is hands down my no.1 facial treatment. Corinne is caring, attentive and professional.

She's now my go-to skincare specialist!"


click on picture for more information


We will customize your peel specifically for your skin concerns. Our peels are effective with wonderful results! 35mins

Learn more about peels here

Glycolic / Salicylic / Lactic....3 @ $180, 6 @$360 (reg $540)

TCA / Jessner...3 @ $240, 6 @ $480 (reg $720)

*Professional skincare products are highly recommended before and after continual results


Help refine pores, stimulate blood circulation under the skin, improve the appearance of acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles! *Most effective when done in a series to achieve optimum results

15m / $45 ADD-ON


Professional Microcurrent Therapy provides a "facial-lift" by gently stimulating larger surface areas of the face as well as hard-to-reach eyebrow furrows, crow's feet and smile lines. 

40m / $110


Interested in getting lash extensions? Fair warning, getting them could be "addicting" and FUN! Once you have them on, you'll be asking yourself "Now WHY didn't I do this sooner?". To maintain the look of your fabulous lashes, Re-lash appointments are usually scheduled 2-3weeks. 

You have 3 sets to choose from:

Classic, Flirt and Glam

Classic: One single lash extension applied to your natural lash


Flirt: Volume lashing (multiple thin lash extension applied to your natural lash) combination with Classic


Glam: All Volume lashing (full, dense look..think Vegas glam)


What's Re-lash?

As our natural lash sheds anywhere from 3-4 lashes a day, so does the lash extensions.

To keep them pretty, re-lash is important. Depending on which set you choose


Classic.....2 - 2.5 week $75+


Flirt.........2 - 2.5 week $85+


Glam........2 - 2.5 week 95+


* if it's been more than 3 weeks you will have to pay FULL set price


  • Shower before 

  • Avoid drinking lots of water or caffeine right before your appointment

  • Come with a clean face, take out contacts and stop wearing waterproof mascara at least 3 days prior to your appointment

  • Dress comfortable



  • For the 1st 48 hrs. in order for the glue to cure, please avoid steam, swimming, sauna, oil-base eye make-up and rubbing eyes.

  • Fiber-free brushes are recommended for around the eye area when applying / removing eye products or make-up.

  • Sleep on back *if possible



  • Brow / shape ....................$15

  • upper lip..............................$12

  • chin.........................................$12

  • Combo lip / eyebrow...$18

  • Partial face.........................$35

  • Full face................................$45

  • Back........................................$50

  • Underarm...........................$40

  • Half / full arm......$45 / $50

  • Half / full leg........$50 / $65


  • Bride - 1 Free trial incl. in pricing

       Bride - Airbrushing 
       $150* 1-2hr


  • Bridal party pp

       $75* 45m

  • Mother of bride/groom

       $60* 45m


       * Price increase by 1/2 after                         time allotted 

  • Prom

       $65 45m

  • Stripe lash application

       $35 35m

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